Job ID  :  VAB100867   
Position  :  Laundry Man  
Job Profile :
  1. Responsible for the correct handling of the entrusted equipment.
  2. Fill in all checklists conscientiously
  3. Select the correct washing program and load the machines according the capacity.
  4. Control of washed items regarding the quality of the washing and damages.
  5. Passenger Laundry - washing, drying and ironing of all guest laundry as per Laundry Master’s instructions
  6. Ship’s Laundry - Weighing, washing, drying, ironing and folding of all towels, linen, table clothes, napkins, rugs, curtains, bed spreads....
  7. Uniforms - Weighing, washing, drying, ironing of officers’ and crew uniforms as per schedule set by the Executive Housekeeper
  8. Private Officers’ and crew laundry
    • washing, drying, ironing of officers’ private laundry at extra charge
    • washing, drying, ironing of junior officers’ and crew private laundry at extra charge
  9. Ensure cleanliness and maintenance in the laundry
  10. Compliance with laundry project
  11. Properly conduct washing machine loading protocol
  12. Compliance with the Laundry Fire Safety (periodically lint cleaning and filter check)
  13. Take inventories of all laundry equipment and supplies as per Laundry Master’s requests
  14. Comply with the waste management regulations for environmental protection
  15. Keep internal rules and regulations


Candidate Profile  : 

Pleasant Personality

Fluent English

5* Hotel Experience or Abroad

Knowledge of handling of specific laundry equipment (washing machines, dry cleaner, tumbler, press etc.)

German language skills beneficial