Job ID  :  VAB100889   
Position  :  Cabin Steward/ess  
Job Profile :

Reports to Floor Supervisor

  1. The job holder carries out his/ her duties upon instructions given by the Floor Supervisor, Assistant Housekeeper, Senior Assistant Housekeeper  or Executive Housekeeper
  2. Maintains the cleanliness of the assigned guest and crew cabins
  3. Maintains the cleanliness and sanitation of each cabin occupied and non-occupied
  4. Communicates with guests about their demands and orders according to their things that they need
  5. Cleanliness and service in assigned cabin section according to housekeeping procedures and policies
  6. Monitoring of the technical condition of the assigned cabins, immediate reporting in case of defect and malfunctions
  7. Maintenance of the carpet condition in the assigned cabins
  8. Appropriate cabin set up on embarkation day and regular days
  9. Appropriate bathroom set up on embarkation day and regular days
  10. Periodical mattress rotation
  11. Appropriate balcony cleaning as per Housekeeping standards
  12. Conducting of special tasks assigned by the Floor Supervisor or Assistant Housekeeper
  13. Immediate corrective action in case of any discrepancies in terms of cleanliness and standards
  14. Appropriate use of chemicals
  15. Conduction of side-duties such as public area cleaning, crew area cleaning, crew cabin cleaning
  16. Shower head sanitation as per company standard
  17. Cleaning and sanitization of the pantries
  18. Cleaning and maintenance of assigned lockers
  19. Appropriate handling of tools, equipment and the company’s properties
  20. Appropriate handling of glass wear according to VSP manual
  21. Minibar handling
  22. Suite handling
  23. Compliance with GI-Level procedures
  24. Uniform and laundry service for entitled persons
  25. Compliance with waste management regulations for environmental protection


Candidate Profile  : 

5-Star Hotel or Gulf Experience in Housekeeping department

Working according ISO/ ISM – standards

Service Orientated and able to work in a team.

Pleasant Personality

Fluent English