Job ID  :  VAB101006   
Position  :  Senior Laundryman  
Job Profile :
  • Reporting to the Laundry Master.
  • Press and process the officers' laundry, guest laundry, crew laundry and uniforms.
  • Report any stained, damaged, or any other problems clothes to the wash specialist or dry cleaning specialist.
  • Handle the pressing equipment in good manner.
  • Maintain a hazard free working area and clean up frequently.
  • Report any problems or malfunctions of laundry equipment to laundry master.
  • Assist other laundry member to finish their jobs when his/her own duty has finished.
  • Operate in line with all USPH, Environmental, Safety and Security Policy.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Laundry Master or the Executive Housekeeper
Candidate Profile  : 
  • Minimum 2-3 years of experience in a laundry as a laundry man including 1 year on board.
  • English knowledge
  • Basic operations of washers, dryers, and flat ironer.
  • Knowledgeable to operate various type of pressing equipment.
  • Good ironing technique.